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AOL Lifestream Sunset Notification. Learn more about the discontinuation of the Lifestream service provided by AOL. We are a growing and changing company, and, unfortunately, we have to make hard decisions in regard to some of our products and properties. We've decided to sunset Lifestream on 2/24/17. AOL Lifestream is a web-based application that enables users to keep track of all their comments on social networking sites. Integrated with AIM Express, AIM 7, and AIM for Mac, users can publish their statuses, reply to comments on networking sites from their Lifestream tab, and more. Welcome to ExpressPass! Your LifeStream blood donation experience is now easier and faster with ExpressPass. Speed up your donation process by completing the required pre-donation reading and health history questions before arriving at the donation site.. And, the process only takes about 10-15 minutes! Discover the latest breaking news in the U.S. and around the world — politics, weather, entertainment, lifestyle, finance, sports and much more. AOL Lifestream Sunset Notification. AOL Mail for Verizon Customers — Updated Mar 26, 2020 [like count] AOL Mail features and actions. AOL Mail has multiple features which helps with organizing, customizing, and using your mail...Find out how AOL Mail lets you customize your experience with a variety of features including. LifeStream has served the Inland Empire and surrounding areas since 1951 providing lifesaving blood products and services to more than 80 Southern California hospitals and medical facilities. As a non-profit organization, LifeStream relies upon the generosity of more than 500 blood donations daily. Read More . AOL Lifestream lies within Communication Tools, more precisely Instant messaging. The most popular versions of the software are 5.2 and 0.9. The AOL Lifestream installer is commonly called AOL Lifestream.exe. Our built-in antivirus checked this download and rated it as virus free. This free program was originally produced by AOL Inc. Aol Lifestream is now accessible over at, but it's also available for mobile devices. It's actually a pretty solid product, one that others have been trying to pull off for a ... Will be right back... Thank you for your patience. Our engineers are working quickly to resolve the issue. aol lifestream free download - AOL, Lifestream Snippet, Jugendgruppe Lifestream, and many more programs

Old AOL Buddy Profiles?

2016.05.24 06:36 LultimaNotte Old AOL Buddy Profiles?

Hi! I'm trying to locate the old AOL buddy info pages from 10~ years ago. Ya know, you type in someone's screen name and could see a profile with pictures, etc. If I go to what used to be the AOL Member Directory now, it's called Lifestream and I can't find the old pages. Does anyone know if there's a way to access them, or are they gone forever? Also, any other / suggestions on where I could post this would be great!
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2015.03.13 02:20 Scud422 AIM conversation with a bot

I have an old AIM account that I still use, so sometimes I get messages from bots and feel like having some fun.
jacinda243: hi
jacinda243: hi my real name is Amanda i'm 24.. smile emoticon
jacinda243: got your name in aol lifestream, I think its fun chatting with different people.. Would you like to have a conversation today? Where are you from??
jacinda243: i am in Dallas.. i am a pretty small chic wth big assets haha
jacinda243: Can i ask you a quest?
jacinda243: Do you get turned on by big booty chicks with big tits? LMAO Honesly cuz thats what i am/have..Can you handle that
jacinda243: Have you ever heard of a whooty? Would you like to watch me i'll show you my Whooty....
jacinda243: lol Whooty is a White Girl with a BOOTY! i wanna show u mine...
For some reason the conversation ended there. I'm really surprised this bot didn't try to send me a link to some virus site.
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2013.08.24 09:01 CynicalPatriot AOL Lifestream with Don Mashak

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2013.01.26 02:24 ridenowhere1 I want to tell you about how I got involved with a crazy fake person on the internet (long)

Okay, I typed up the following story thursday night / friday morning. It tells the basic story of the almost 5 months I've been talking to this person.
I'd apologize for the length of it but this is /offmychest. And I've been wanting to tell this story to people for awhile now. So here is the original text:
I'm a 21 year old male. I've been struggling with anxiety, depression and severe obsessions brought on by ocd since I was 12. The obsessions have been intense before in the past but this one is killing me. It has caused a huge backslide in my mental health. I self harm nearly every day, have been contemplating suicide for months, and I'm drinking way more than I ever have.
Here is my story:
After trying to poison myself and ending up on medication and in therapy I found myself feeling the best I had felt in years. The medication was helping and the therapy was giving me hope that there was still a chance I could live a decent life and I could get out of the hell I've been trapped in for years now. September 2nd of last year is a day I'll remember forever because it's the day that started all of this. It was around 8 or so and I was laying in bed with my laptop talking to a friend about usual things and listening to music. Then I got a sudden message from this person. They tell me their name is Veronica and she found my screen name through an anxiety board that I hadn't posted on in over 6 months.
We start to talk and I instantly like her. She's very talkative and enjoys basically the same things I do. She jokes around a lot, talks video games, and suffers from similar anxiety. I felt like we had a lot in common and we talked for 6 or 7 hours before she went to bed. I couldn't wait to get on and talk to her the next day. Days go by and we talk all day, every day. One day she tells me I'm the best friend she's had in years. I asked what if I wanted to be more than friends and she said she was interested in being more than just friends too. This is where things started getting bad for me with my obsession. I stopped eating and sleeping properly and I dropped all of my hobbies. She became the only thing I cared about and I spent every day talking to her. Obsessing constantly. In the 5 months we've talked I've only gone 1 day without talking to her.
Okay, back to the story. Well after awhile we started talking sex. I asked if she wanted to exchange nudes or maybe get on webcam with me. She rejects both and says it's too early. I agreed with her at the time and said it was okay to wait. This was the first of many times I was told to wait and given an excuse over such things.
Sometime in september she mentions that she has a break in november and that she can meet me. I got excited and soon I'd find myself killing time in anyway possible so november would hurry up and get here.
October comes and I start becoming annoyed with her and her excuses. I asked if she could buy a webcam and she says no because her computer is broken and the one she currently uses is old and she wouldn't be able to cam on it. I ask what's wrong with her old one and after finding out I tell her about a simple way to fix it. She ignores me completely. Around this time I start to get suspicious and I realize that she has never taken any picture requests or anything. I asked to see her in her glasses. She rejects it and says she has a migraine and doesn't want to wear them. Another time I asked to see her in her glasses she tells me no because she doesn't want to look like a nerd to me. She has never given me an excuse that has made sense.
Soon I start doubting that I'm talking to the girl in the pictures. I start to doubt that the trip is happening. But I continue to be obsessed.
By this time (mid to late october) I am severely depressed and I am having anger outbursts at family and friends. I have become obsessed with someone who I don't think is even real. A fake person. And it is driving me insane. I want her to be real more than anything but I know deep down she is not.
After awhile I give up and start trying to believe she is real and that the trip is happening. It's late october now and we're talking more and more about meeting. She tells me that she has a surprise for me but I'll have to wait for it. She says she has been taking nudes for me and on november 11th she is going to send them to me in my email. I get excited but I worry more than anything else. What is going to be in this email if there even is one? All at once I begin to worry about her being real, the trip happening and this mysterious package she promises to email to me on november 11th. I ask her over and over to promise me that the trip is going to happen. She does every time. I was promised so many times that it was going to happen. I never believed her.
November 11th comes and I wake up early in the morning. Right around the time she was going to bed. I asked if I could have the package early and she tells me to wait until she's had sleep. I sat around and waited until 4 or 5 in the afternoon for her return. My mind going berserk over this email. What the fuck is going to be in this email? I didn't think I could wait around anymore and then she suddenly signs on and here we go. We talk normally for a little and then she tells me that her anxiety is too bad to give me the package today. All she said was: Sorry babe my anxiety is too bad today ;(. I snapped and went off on her about her never following through with what she promises to do. I tell her she's a fucking liar and that I don't believe anything about her now. She gets sad and tries to explain her anxiety to me. I give up on fighting her and everything goes back to normal.
November 17th comes closer and closer and I get more depressed thinking about it. If she has too much anxiety to let me see her even semi-nude then how are we going to meet? She has all of these plans for when she gets here. We're going to play all these games and have wild sex. It sounds great yeah but do I think it's going to happen? No. It makes no sense.
I express my concerns to her over the trip and she starts being more detailed about how she's getting here. She tells me her best friend is going to NC during break to visit family and she's going to ride here with her. She tells me about what she's packed and how she's printing out directions to get here. Also, how her mom is taking her to get a new cellphone on the day she's suppose to leave so we can stay in touch while she and her friend drive here. I start to feel better about everything for a little while.
November 16th. The day before she's suppose to arrive. We talk normally and I ask when is she leaving with her mom to get a new cell phone. She tells me she's just going to use her friend's phone. Okay, that makes sense. Later in the day I start trying to discuss the trip more. It is the next day afterall it does look like we'd be talking about it mostly. But she ignores me and gives half assed answers to my questions. I begin to worry again. Is this going be a repeat of her usual behaviour? Surely not seeing how much she's promised this to me and how she's already done all of these things to prepare for the trip.
It's 10PM roughly and she tells me her friend is arriving shortly to spend the night. She says that they're going to play some games and then go to sleep. I say okay and after waiting around for a few hours for her and her friend to play games I tell her that she should probably get some sleep. I was told she was going to leave at 6AM so when it was 1AM I started getting worried. She tells me that she's just going to leave a little later than planned. Okay, whatever. Well 3AM comes around and I'm getting tired so I tell her I'm going to sleep. I leave my laptop on and while I'm trying to get to sleep I decide to look over at my laptop. I see I have a new message from her. I open it up and it says: trip is off ;/. I ask what happened and she tells me her friend's mom is sick and that her car is broken. I get angry as fuck and sign off.
I knew her reasons for not coming were bullshit so after 10 minutes of laying around I got back online to find out the truth. I log back into aim and she's still on. I message her and ask what are the real reasons why she isn't coming. She's silent. Suddenly she replies in full caps saying that she's mute and that's why the trip isn't happening, why she hasn't bought a webcam and why we've never talked on the phone or anything. She says she never told me because she was afraid of losing me because of it. She tells me that she felt pressured by me about the trip and she lied about it to make me happy for the time being.
I start feeling bad for some of the things I had said and I tell her I don't mind her being mute and it's all okay. She's happy acting and tells me that she can now get a webcam. I start to believe again that things are going to be okay now.
A week goes by and I'm given more and more excuses about the webcam. I give up on asking about it once again. I talk to a few friends about her and they all tell me to get away from her because she's a fake and could possibly be out to hurt me. I agree and start thinking about how I'm going to get over my obsession with her. I get back into old hobbies and start putting myself at a distance from her. It works for a few weeks but I can never quite break contact with her. I give up and confront her about how she is and she gets upset and threatens to leave me for calling her a fake. I panic and apologize and beg for her to stay. She does and we're back to things being normal.
At this point I stop believeing her about everything. Who she is, what she does, etc. I'm done with it. But I can't stop talking to her because I'm obsessed so I have to deal with the frustration every day of knowing that I'm talking to a fake person. I want to know so bad who this is and why they've decided to hurt me like they have.
Now it's december and things are looking good again. She's sending me more pictures than she ever has and we're playing a lot of games together. I'm having fun and enjoying her company for the first time since september. Of course I still don't believe she's who she says she is. I ignore that for the time being and just try to enjoy her again.
Around the second week of december we're talking of course and I tell her I'm leaving to get a little sleep. She stops me and says she's ready for me to see her tits. My mind is blown and then blown again when I recieve an email with a picture of some nice looking tits attached. I doubt at first that they're hers but they look so much like they would belong to the girl in the pictures that I accept that they are hers.
Okay, things are good and I believe who I'm talking to for now. Christmas comes and she tells me that she's going to spend whatever money she gets on a webcam finally. I believe her because she's been improving so much lately I feel like it's going to happen for real this time. Christmas day she tells me that she got 200 dollars and once she can get around to putting it on a card she'll buy a webcam. Few days ago by and she tells me she put it on a prepaid card thing. A week goes by and still no webcam. She put it off for a week and then she told me she spent the money on games and some other stuff. I lost it and told her I was done with her. This was early in the morning. I think a friday morning. Well I left a few hours after saying I was done with her and when I came back I felt like I would be completely lost and miserable without her. So when she asked me to take her back I did.
Not even an hour later she started acting desperate and said she wanted to make things up to me. She said she took a close up of her pussy and wanted to send it to me to show how serious she actually is about me and how she wants me to stay and not leave again. I opened my email and sure enough I had one from her. I saw the attachment thumbnail and the picture was incredibly familiar. I knew it wasn't her but instead of confronting her I decided to ask a few friends what they thought of it. They both said it looked familiar to them too and one of them used google reverse image search and found it in no time at all. I wasn't that shocked I was just pissed off. Turns out the picture of her tits was fake too. What blew my mind was that both pictures looked like they could have easily been her. My friends and I agreed that it had to take her hours and hours to find pictures that looked so much like her. It was ridiculous to think of her doing that.
Well I confronted her and she played stupid for a few minutes. Then she admitted to sending me fakes and she said that it was her cousin's idea. I called her a worthless cunt and she got upset and said she was going to bed.
The next day which I think was january 2nd I wanted to find out why she had sent me fakes. She said it was because I pressured her (which I really didn't) and that she wasn't comfortable yet with letting me see her naked. I said fuck it and went along with her bullshit once again. I knew I couldn't leave.
I spent a few days thinking things over and I realized that there was no way in hell I was talking to the girl I thought I was. Or at least thought I was for the first month we talked.
On january 7th after some normal conversation I did it. I confronted her and gave her an ultimatum. Either you tell me who you really are or I'm leaving right now and you'll never hear from me again. She bullshitted for 10 minutes or so. Called me delusional and said that guys she had talked to online in the past had asked her to do the same because they couldn't understand her problems either. They couldn't give her the time needed for her to get over her anxiety. Then it happened. The moment I had been waiting for since early october. She confessed to me that she had been sending me pictures of her sister this entire time and that she pretends to be her sister to everyone she talks to online. She told me that she uses her sister's pictures because she thought that people would be more interested in being friends with her if they thought she was some good looking big titted chick. She said she never expected us to be in a relationship and that she was too cowardly to ever tell me the truth about this.
She also confessed to being way more fucked up than I thought. How much of this is true I don't know but here's what I was told. She's anorexic, a recovering alcoholic, her mom has been beating her since she was a kid, and she is also the result of her mom cheating. She said she doesn't even know her real father.
I asked for a real picture of her of course and I received one about 3-4 minutes later. I didn't believe it was her and I still don't. She's only sent me 5 pictures of her "real" self and nothing concrete proving it's actually her. One of the pictures she sent was one she had sent to me a few weeks before she confessed all of this to me. When she first sent it she said it was a cousin who she's really close to. When I confronted her about that she said she wanted to see what I thought of the "real" her. So I didn't think that was true and now I'm convinced that she's sending me pictures of her cousin.
Okay so I tell her I'm going to stay anyway.I was promised ONCE AGAIN a webcam and nudes. This time she stopped talking about the webcam after the first day or so and I didn't bother bringing it up again. But the nudes she kept on about and said that once she got the chance to use her mom's camera that I would get them. 2 weeks later and still no pics. We're getting close to where I'm currently at in the story so this is all recent. We're talking in the past week now. Anyway, last saturday I talked to her about how she's always lying about things to make me stay with her longer. An example being her promising nudes in a week or so and then not giving them to me. I forget exactly what was said but I told her I was breaking up with her. She left a few hours later because of some emergency and she wouldn't be back until the next day. I didn't get a chance to ask about the emergency because by the time I read her messages she had left.
The next day came and she was already online by the time I got on. I asked what happened and she gave a a bullshit answer. Something about having to stay at the hospital with a family member. I figured she was lying but I couldn't prove it so I never confronted her about that. Anyway, it was later sunday night and I was drunk. We talked quite a bit and she asked what was the status of us. I said we were back together (big mistake).
Yesterday (wednesday) we talked about why she was always backing out of showing me nudes. I was trying to get her to admit to pretending to be someone else. Instead of the truth she told me she had been in a car wreck and her body was covered in scars and that she didn't want me to see them. I kind of believed her until she told me that she has to use a leg brace to walk. Okay, that was very suspicious to me because she regularly plays basketball with some of her cousins. Or at least I think she does. How does she when she has to use a leg brace to walk? Also, in one of the pictures she sent me of the "real" her you can clearly see her legs and they have no scars on them at all. If there are scars they are not that noticeable. (By the way, I did ask her about the sports thing and she said she "made do")
I obviously did not believe her and she could tell. She said I attacked her and she started to ignore me then. For the rest of the night I was ignored. While this happened though I decided to google things about her again. I found her aol lifestream page and looked over it again. I had done this plenty of times in the search of the truth about her. I figured there had to be something on there that would give me something new to work with. This time I found something. I found her old aol lifestream page.
I knew she had an old aim account but I never knew the name of it. Well I found it and hundreds of comments made by her on the accounts lifestream page. I found out that she had pretended to be one of her cousins to get the attention of another guy (like she did with me but only she pretended to be her sister with me). She also faked a relationship with herself. She used her 2 aim accounts to fake a lesbian relationship to get attention.
RIght now I am convinced she has pretended to be 5 or 6 people. I'm sure there are more but those I know for sure. I confronted her about this and she only admitted to pretending to be 2 people but I know there are more.
For now I'm going to continue talking to her and I'm going to pretend that everything is okay between us. I'm not going to bring up anything about her being fake until I can confront her with some hard evidence that she's been lying to me about who she really is. In the first month or so it was her I was obsessed with but now it's the mystery. I want to solve it and figure out who it is I'm really talking to. Who it is that I've shared so much with. Including almost 5 months of my time.
I'm embarrassed to admit that this has happened to me. It bothers me that I'm obsessed like I am. Even though I'm embarrassed about it I needed to get my story out here. I know I'm a fool for continuing to talk to whoever this is. I know even in the beginning I had an incredibly unhealthy obesssion with this person, when I thought she was real that is. Now I just want some closure on the whole thing. I can't stop talking to this person until I know the truth, leaving now would feel so wrong to me.
There are a few small things I'd like to add also. You remember me saying that the fake nudes were apparently her cousin's idea? Yeah that's got to be a lie and here's why. She said her cousin did not know that she was pretending to be her sister. But somehow the pictures ended up looking very close to what her sister would probably look like naked. Yeah right. I'm not sure why she lied about that but I know she had to. (for clarification: she told me her cousin gave her the pictures, not just the idea of faking nudes)
One more thing that's kinda related to that. When we were talking about her being mute she told me she talked to family on msn, etc. right? Well her msn account is using not only a fake name but also a picture of her sister as the display image. I asked her about it and she now denies ever talking to family on msn.
Well that's it. My embarrassing and pathetic story. If anyone would like to help me figure things out you can send me a PM. (end of original text)
There it is. I've already been called an idiot and everything else by people I know who know a little of the story. This is the whole story so I'm sure you can all say worse about me for being pathetic and staying. I just want someone to understand and help me out here.
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2011.05.29 21:40 rpollylpyo AOL Lifestream

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2009.02.23 22:13 erickhill AOL's Bebo social network to gain lifestreaming features

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2008.09.10 16:00 kp2575 AOL May Try to Bring RSS and Lifestreaming Mainstream

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2008.08.01 23:41 ddipaolo Suddenly, AOL Loves Lifestreaming; Buys Socialthing!

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