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My partner and I are in the middle of putting an offer in on a house. We are researching solicitors to handle the purchase. I'm interested to here from other people who have gone through this recently. What solicitors in Galway would you recommend? What were the fees? What are the things you wish you knew at the start?
Any advice would be much appreciated.
I've done all my own googling and emails but would prefer to here some feedback from people on here.
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2020.09.08 02:59 500scnds [Table] My name is Paolo Cattaneo. 5 years ago I quit my job, sold everything I had and embarked in a trip around the world on a motorcycle. Rode for almost 185000 km. Still going! Here to answer question about self sustained living on the road and long distance solo travelling. AmA! (pt 2)

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Note: I'm not sure whether a trigger warning for mentioning depression is appropriate here, but better to be safe than to be sorry.
Questions Answers
Did you have any sort of health insurance during this time? (I'm thinking mainly in the United States where an unexpected visit can cost thousands) yes. There are specific TRAVEL INSURANCE which cover medical and unforeseen expenses like the one you mentioned. I use Worldnomads, which costs me around $800 a year and cover the whole world.
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The hell?! Can you get that even if you stay in only one country? I live in the U.S. and it costs $500 a month for insurance. I believe it depends from your country of residence. Ouch
This is such an incredible story! This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard or read. I just recently finished reading “The Motorcyle Diaries”. I gave you a follow on ig too. What’s the next country you plan on traveling through? Thanks a lot!! :) I am planning to ride back to Australia via Asia. Not quite sure yet about the itinerary...since covid stopped me for now. Thanks again for the nice words!
Sorry to ask yet another money question, but I think this is the biggest block to doing something like this for most people! 1. When you went to LA initially (when you were 24), you say you pretty much only had enough money for the plane ticket. How did you sustain yourself when you arrived and how long did it take for you to 'get on your feet'? 2. How do/did you deal with 'scarcity' mentality of perhaps one day not being able to find a job (even an odd job, or a temporary position) and running out of money, and facing a more unstable housing/financial situation? Thanks! Thanks for the question mate. Again, absolutely plausible. When I flew to LA, I had saved some money for the plane ticket and arranged a couch for the first 2 weeks with a friend of a cousin of a distant uncle (the only real connection I had a the time). Meanwhile I was trying to sell my motorcycle at home in Italy. I sold it 2 days after I left and my family helped me completing the sale and sent me the money overseas. I think I sold the bike for 1200 euros. That lasted me quite a while. I did back and forth from Italy to USA few times and I was getting some occasional jobs in Milan to pay for my trips. I made just enough to pay for flights and accommodation. But I remember that a lot of food was offered to me. I was sleeping on people's couches and at times I was eating one Starbucks Frappuccino a day. I know...not the best diet...but I think It was around $2.5 and full of sugar and coffee so It kept me going. Generally I survived thanks to people I met along the way and their generosity. I had a wonderful time in USA. Most people are really willing to help. Some other instead want to take advantage of you. Learned both lessons the hard way, I guess.
Eventually, after thousands of closed doors, I managed to find an IT company that was willing to sponsor me for my visa stuff. It was a complicated time for me, mostly because I wasn't prepared mentally for such cultural gap and such challenges. When you are alone, without your family and friends around, and you have to take care of yourself and your life, you start to know who you really are.
Somehow It is an experience that I would recommend to everybody. Those are some of the most intense yet rewarding experiences I had in my life.
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Thanks for answering! I was curious to know the reality of upping and moving somewhere without a job waiting for you or much money in your pocket and a frappuccino for your daily meal is certainly a peak behind the curtain!! But I agree with you that most people are kind and willing to help. I believe in that in general. I admire your resilience. I've certainly dealt with a lot of closed doors and isolation from family and friends too, but often get scared to "do what I really want" because I'm so afraid of being stuck somewhere without money. Wishing you continued success and safe travels! I wish you good luck too! I am sure you can endure much you can think. Go for it!
Can I join you ?! Lmao This is my Dream .. good for you man . Good for fuckin youuuu !!! Share the love & grow strong . Thanks for the support mate!! Go for it! You can do it!
How come you’re happy and I’m depressed as fuck? I don't want to open a can of worms, but I was super depressed too. Depression is a state of mind in which you tell yourself that "something is wrong". Whether the wrong comes from inside or outside of you, your mind is telling you that there's something that needs to be fixed. It's a good indicator that you are on the path of healing yourself if you want.
Sincerely, if one is not depressed a bit, these days, it would be completely unaware of your surroundings and even your own existence.
Before leaving for Australia, I spent 2 and a half years in deep sadness (you can call it depression if you will), caused by several factors. I had a meaningless job (for me), I HAD TO live with my parents and I was even going through break up with my ex, which ripped my heart apart. I basically didn't get out of my room for 2 years, while I was helping my grandma on her deathbed and my dad was sick with Alzheimer. Fun, uh?
I am not saying that it's good to be depressed, but you can choose to use it as a propeller to wish for something better. You can change your reality. It's entirely up to you, how you see the world and the opportunities you have in life to grow.
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I understand what you are trying to say but I have to disagree. It's a bit like telling a person with a broken back that if they wished hard enough to walk, they will walk just fine. Depression doesn't work like that. You may have made it out of it but to somebody that is currently in a deeply depressive state, the only thing they will hear is: "You aren't trying hard enough, you could do it but you just aren't even trying. You are a useless piece of shit because you are too lazy to change. It's entirely up to you! You useless fuck." I agree with you. But I believe that there is somehow a bottom line...and when reached somebody will try to react to it and fight back. It's a self preservation mechanism.
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Nah, believe me, there is no bottom. If there were, there wouldn't be people killing themselves. I don't have any self-preservation left, for example. I'm so dead inside that I don't even bother to kill myself because I even lack that energy. It's just chugging along, time flies, and I'm not really there. Seems like you are inside "the spiral" mate. You ll get out of it, trust me. Sounds silly but enjoying a bit of sun, seemed to have helped me at that time when I felt like that. In any case, just give it time and don't give up. Try to get outside and stay in nature if you can. It doesn't change much but It helps. Stay strong, mate. Give it time.
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I live in one of the most beautiful areas of the world (county Galway in Ireland), right at the sea. I can see it from my window and the beach is 5 minutes away. It doesn't help. I don't even have the energy to go outside, even on a nice day. You've been lucky to get out, all I ask is you not blaming people that can't. It's not a thing of willpower or sunshine. It's a thing of lacking any kind of willpower. I've been like this for over 20 years, sometimes better, sometimes worse. That's not a spiral anymore. It's a chute. I'm sorry mate. I hope you ll get better anyway.
I was just looking at your Instagram photos... Wow! You take gorgeous photos and have such an interesting story to share. Have you ever thought about writing a book? It seems to me that travel and adventure magazines would also pay you to write stories for them. Just something to think about. Good luck! Thank you, but I think that I'm not doing anything that hasn't been done before. I do like to share and help people see the world for the beautiful place it is...but that's about it. Thanks for the compliment, though!
Do you avoid public attractions where you have to pay a fee like castles, palaces or other famous tourist attractions. If you avoid them, are you curious about them and want to visit them but you don’t have enough money or don’t you care about tourist attractions? Good question! I recently posted the story on my instagram about Machu Picchu in Peru, which I refused to visit because of the exorbitant entry fee. $70 USD to enter the site is an unreasonable amount...regardless the fact that it is undoubtedly a beautiful site to visit. I usually avoid big tourist traps, but sometimes you gotta pay. The most I've paid was $35 to enter Iguazu Falls and $35 to enter Perito moreno Glacier. Both worth it sincerely, even if overpriced. I left the others aside and went for the cheap ones instead.
I am from Greece.Where in Greece have you been?And how did you make money during these years to "pay the bills"? Oh mate!! what a beautiful country! I had a great time there! I spent most of my quarantine and lockdown in Crete, but I entered Greece from Albania, then rode down to the Peloponnese and rode to Athens, Evia and even Santorini!! Check my insta for all the amazing places I've seen! I am still stoked for the great hospitality I received from the greeks and the amazing places I've seen!! For the economical part of your question, please see previous answers, where I explained in details the money factor.
How do you plan what route you will take? Do you navigate primarily with map+compass? GPS on your phone? Both? If M+C, what sort of compass do you use, and where do you obtain your maps for each country or locality? Hello! I mostly use Google maps for my navigation and planning. Most of the info i get from the places I want to visit, are obtainable from the app itself. It's a brief guide but works for me. If in remote areas I use, which works offline and has trails too.
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Have you tried getting a sponsorship from google for using their maps I actually thought about it...but never really went through with it. Maybe they let me mount a gigantic 360 camera on top of my helmet and then I'll be stuck with it. Haha
How do you deal with dirty toilets in some areas where you cannot find any usable ones if that has ever happened? Also what do you do when there are none around, like on a desert road or something? This and my trust issues with getting help from strangers is what keeps me from even thinking about doing something like what you're doing. Very pertinent question as I find myself sometimes with no toilets around. There's a basic system, which I wasn't really accustomed to...that is "squatting"...that help with the mentioned activity. When in the wild, you need to have the curtesy at least of (some privacy, obviously) digging a hole in the ground with a stick or something...and then covering it up when you are done with your business. Toilet paper and wet wipes have to be bagged and disposed in the first available garbage bag. This concerned N2, clearly. For N1, being a guy, it is quite practical. But there are a lot of girls travellers which simply "hide behind something". It is quite unorthodox but I guess you get used to it eventually. It's just a matter of doing it the first few times. Then It becomes ok.
What was the moment you thought, ''It was all worth it''? It was when I arrived back in Sydney, after riding all around Australia... After the first few days of riding I remember I had still some doubts on my mind about resigning and selling everything, etc. When I returned in my own beloved town, it was like i saw myself in the mirror. I saw myself as the person I was before...and the one I had become. And I didn't like the person I was I understood that my life had changed forever. I realized that giving everything up was worth the realization of who I was at that time. I also realized that I couldn't stop there...
Wah! Thanks for the AmA! I've always wanted to have a chat with people who like to travel the world. Your answers are very straightforward, I love that! Did you ever get into trouble with local people like pickpockets and tourist scam? Did you ever have any emergency medical troubles? Do you try to enjoy local street food? (If so, did you ever had any stomache because your body isn't used to that type of food?). Err I think I've made too many questions at once. Have fun & enjoy your life adventure, whatever you decide to do in your future! No problems! It's a pleasure!! So, I never really had problems with pickpocketers. But I also always look around while walking in big cities. As I mentioned before, the only bad occurrence I had was in Canada, where somebody stole my rusty tools bag from my bike, while parked in Vancouver. I never had medical issue...hurray!!! I do LOVE to try all food. The "weirdest" the better! I think I have a fetish for local street food. So yeah, I eventually had a bit of stomachache but it was mostly my fault. I had a raw shrimp from a market in Mexico. Not wise! haha I built my immune system I think, just drinking tap water from everywhere. If locals don't die...I shouldn't either, right!? ;)
Is your ass now made of steel? I had to draw a line in the middle of my bum to see where my cheeks were... ;)
Have you been to Bulgaria yet? How much did you see if you have? No, I haven't. But It's definitely on my list.
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Are you taking reccomendations for places to visit in countries? Because i have a few reccomendations for bulgaria. Of course!! 😊 maybe send those to me as DM so those don't get lost in the post. Cheers!! 🙏
Have you ever worried about not being able to get a job later on once you stop travelling, due to the big gap between jobs in your CV? I am not an HR guy...but If I was... I would hire a guy that travelled the world on a motorcycle to have on my team, instead of somebody with straight AA, tons of certificates and no life experience. but maybe I'm wrong. ;)
100k+ on a KTM and no major problems? INCONCEIVABLE! Do you have an ADV th'd? ahha I know right!??! It's actually almost 200000 km mate and still going strong with no mechanical issues!! Crazy!! I am in awe too! I am on ADVRIDER, yes. But don't have a thread about this.
When did you find out about COVID and how has it affected your travels? Thanks and warmest regards! Oh man, that was such a bummer! I left italy on the 15th of Feb, 10 days before the first case in Lombardy. One week later it was already mayhem. As soon as the Italian disaster exploded, people started to look at me as carrier of they were doing with asians in general, no matter if they were from indonesia or mongolia or china. I entered Albania and there were rumors of borders starting to close. So I headed to Greece, since it is still EU and I could get sent back to Italy easily. After spending 4 months in Greece, I took the first available ferry back to Italy, where I am waiting for the pandemic to settle a bit. Then I'll leave again.
Hey Paolo, I recently rode a motorcycle across Vietnam and it got me inspired to ride from Alaska to Argentina, hopefully leaving next summer, virus permitting. I’ll most likely be riding my Honda CRF250L, not quite a KTM haha. Do you have any advice for a young man looking for more adventure? Yes. Great bike first of all!! You ll love it! South america is kind of paradise for motorcycling so...yeah. I would recommend you to pick the right seasons to ride alaska and patagonia. Crucial for the outcome of your expedition.
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I appreciate it! I’ll definitely keep the seasons in mind for Patagonia and have already made sure to head to Alaska in the summer. I mean, I went to Alaska in september and weather was amazing...and rode through patagonia in autumn which was chilly but absolutely fantastic! Less people and beautiful colours!
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Less people would definitely be a plus! What are the average speeds in South America or are certain country’s faster than others? I’m worried my CRF might not be fast enough in places. Your bike is absolutely fine. Do not worry about that
Ciao! I am a italian too, precisely sicilian. Next summer I will probably travel all sicily, how much money do you think i need to bring, and how can I save as much as possible? I want to stay a bunch of days while traveling through cities. Like 3 days at Agrigento, for example. Any suggestions are welcomed! Sto scrivendo in inglese pure per far vedere ad altri i tuoi suggerimenti Ciao! well, I cannot tell you how much you'll need to travel...even just Sicily. It depends where you are willing to sleep, what are you willing to sacrifice in terms of food and what time of the year you are planning to travel. Just know that food and accommodation are the most expensive elements of your trip.
Did you get any inspiration from Emilio Scotto’s ride around the world? Any plans (or desire) to try and break his record? I do not know him. I also never read the Motorcycle diaries or Zen and the art of motorcycle. Also never seen long way around or tried to grow a beard like Che guevara.
Just doing my thing, my own way. But there have been many before me for sure.
Did you ride in Nepal as well? If so, how did you find the roads and the journey through Nepal? Also what was your most adventurous experience here? I am a Nepalese so I am asking these to learn what people think when visiting my country. I haven't been that part of the world yet. But It's on my list!!!
Did you ever get down and dirty with anyone? Yes. Mostly with my motorcycle. :)
Why did you choose such a big bike? Is all the driving on roads? What modifications did you make before heading out? I chose my dream bike. I had no Idea where I would have taken my motorcycle in the future. At the time of purchase, I was in love with it. I still am!
I just added a lighter muffler, skid plate and rear rack. The bike itself is a marvel of technology.
I go on and offroad. see my youtube videos... ;)
Hey man, back when you were trekking across south america, did you visit Venezuela? When I was In brazil, It didn't occur to me to enter Venezuela. Then when I reached Colombia, the border with it was closed for vehicle due to the unstable situation. I really want to go. It's the pebble in my south american shoe. ;)
I have enjoyed watching your travels on IG. What is the scariest situation you have ever gotten yourself into while traveling? Thanks for tagging along! I had few close calls with my bike...but I guess, If you ride a motorcycle, it is quite common. I almost fell into a canyon... Ouch
Hi Paolo. Where would you say the best roads were? I mean, good condition, few potholes. Where would you say the best views were? What kind of spare parts did you bring along to make sure you could always keep going? Mmm best roads...i think ecuador had pretty spectacular new roads. At the time I think most roads were 5-10 years old and conditions were optimal.
Best views probably Peru. Nothing can beat the view from a 6000 m mountain...
You can't possibly carry all spare parts. You never know what could happen...but I did bring a spare front tube in case of a flat and some spare screws. Duct tape and cable ties are also a must for any traveller
[deleted] I do not have a single moment which I consider my favorite. Generally speaking, I could say that the "feeling of freedom" that riding with no schedule and limitation gives, Is the happy memory that I will bring with me even when this experience will be over. The scariest is certainly the moment when I almost fell into a canyon, while riding in Peru. Colca Canyon is one of the deepest canyons in the world and I lost control of the bike, riding down on a tiny dirt road. Fortunately I managed to stop right at the edge of it...but It took me a good 10 minutes to recover from that close call.
Have you ever feared for your life? As in, did it ever cross your mind that you might get mugged or something? Have you ever been mugged while traveling or been in that situation? Do you carry some sort of knife or gun? Never feared for my life. No. Maybe it's a bit naive of me but I've never felt in need to carry a weapon to protect myself. I don't think there are people out there willing to kill me to take my stuff. But i did cross countries where this kind of stuff happens. In any case, the probability that this would have happened was in my opinion way smaller than the contrary. In fact if you ever have the chance to talk to some of the other thousands of travellers that have been around for a while, none had the need to carry weapons or any sort of defense aid to protect their personage or belongings. Not even girls.
Have you had any accidents or near misses in your travels? If more than one, are there any that stand out? Tons!! Unfortunately riding a motorcycle doesn't leave any choice. I almost fell into a canyon in Peru. That wasn't good. Also, close calls with maaaany trucks in Bolivia. There are no driving rules there much... I crashed at 100km/h in Argentina and crashed against a wall, in San Francisco, distracted by my GPS. Normal day at the office! 😅
What was your favorite place you’ve traveled to so far? I have one favourite place, which I always mention because I support the underdogs... I also love nature and food, so...
Ecuador is my favourite country.
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Any specifics or highlights about Ecuador you can share? Looking for my next trip with a friend! Galapagos is like Jurassic Park. But with no fancy shopping center. Would recommend Baños and Cuenca area too.
What was it like going through the Middle East? I've always wanted to explore that part of the world. Haven't quite reached the middle east yet. Stopped by the covid. booo
Any issues or denials to get your bike through customs anywhere? Nope. Just showing my paperwork and off i went! So far I haven't been in countries that required Carnet de Passage.
I see you have good amount of followers on insta and You tube. Have you thought about using it as a source of income like travel bloggers do or have you already done that? If not have you thought about doing it? Also might be rude but how much did you save in those years that can last so long. I mean if i were to do it like is there any bracket amount you'd like to give us? Also what about your fam? Not enough to generate income on both i think. But yeah, maybe I ll give it a go in the future. Not sure though...because you need to constantly being absorbed by the platform and create content to generate a good income...which I saw with other people became a burden, in the long run. I saved up 40k in 5 years of work. Best advice I can give is to spend your money wisely. Do not spend it in booze or clothes or any other unnecessary commodity that is not relevant in the long run. Being constantly focused on the preparation of the trip is 80% of what it actually takes to go fo it.
My family has been generally supportive about my trip. They sometimes worry but they do because they care. They don't fully understand my life choices but they respect those because they realized I am the only one responsible for my own future.
What is the worst weather you have had to ride through, and how did you deal with it? Oh man!! 2 days. One was when I rode 750km under frozen rain in canada, against 60km/h headwind, along lake superior. After i reached my destination, i watched the news and saw that they closed the road I just rode on because it collapsed, devoured by the amount of water that fell from the sky. Average temp was 2 degrees Celsius.
The other day was when I arrived in Vancouver 2 years ago in march. 30 cm of snow. -5°C and worst snow storm in the last decade. If i didn't die that day...
Great AMA. Just watched a few of your YouTube videos. Do you have music playing constantly while riding? How has your music likes changed and is there any songs you still play today from the Australia trip? Thanks I never listen to music while riding. I actually put some earplugs and try to enjoy the ride and let my thoughts flow. It's my meditation moment. Music I listen to change constantly...depending on mood and situation. I probably still have some ACDC tunes laying around in my playlists somewhere. ;)
How did you cross the Darian Gap? There were 4 options: - shipping container (Not so cheap, time consuming and risky in terms of getting the bike out from the port) $750 - air freight (fast. 4 hours and you are from one side to the other. not cheap, quick and headaches free) $1000 - fishermen boat (slow. Unsafe? Bike gets covered in salt for 5 days) $600 - sailing boat (5 days cruise to the san blas islands. Expensive. But fun holiday overall) $1200
I went with the plane.
Where you ever afraid or unsafe? I’ve wanted to backpack through South America, but as a single woman I’m afraid of putting myself in a dangerous situation. It's completely understandable to be worried in that sense. What I can tell you is that there is nothing to worry about. There are women travelling solo in many ways (backpacking, cycling, motorcycle, etc) through south america and they are FINE! No problems. I can list you the "do and don't" about travelling, but I believe that having a bit of commons sense is crucial. If you look for female solo travellers on insta, you will find tons of them. I am sure that they can give you a better and more specific understanding of what entails to travel solo as a woman in third world countries. But again, DO NOT WORRY. It is SAFE.
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I did it in Europe and Iceland, but South America makes me more weary. What about bringing children? Did it feel safe for kids? Also, when it came to your hostel stays, did you ever see any families? Kids will have a blast in SA! I met plenty of families travelling with kids. It is challenging because of the school thing but it is possible!! The internet and online classes nowadays...
People in SA are very family oriented and have special care for kids. It is an incredible experience for kids to see a reality like the one over there.
Hostels are not quite the best for kids, I admit it. You can find plenty of bnb alternatives and family rooms all over the continent. The same options are available all over the world (hostels, bnb, hotel, motel, apartments, etc).
I'm thinking of purchasing the same bike, is it the R model?. What made you choose this bike as opposed to something that is shaft driven? how did you find the chain maintenance aspect over so many miles? It's amazing there were no mechanical problems at all. Is there a specific brand tyre you use and how many miles would you get from a set? were there many puncturers or blowouts? Knowing what you know now, would you have changed anything with the bike or added something before beginning the journey? I ride the 1190 adventure NON R model. I prefer chain because it's sincerely I wouldn't want to find myself with broken shaft in the middle of Bolivia. Chain can last up to 40-50k km if well maintained and lubricated. It doesn't take much of your time and it helps reminding yourself that you have to take care of your bike too. I really loved Shinko 705 as tyres. Cheap and super grippy in all surfaces. I didn't have many punctures at all. Maybe 4 in the whole trip! Lucky!
Sincerely, this bike has been beyond perfect and I am still in awe by the reliability and performances of this machine. Kudos to KTM for making such a monstruos bike! If you are not into fast corners and putting your knee down in turns, the R model is actually better because of the customizable shocks. Mine comes with WP electronic suspensions which can't be replaced with others.
Hi Paolo, been a long time follower on Instagram (since South America). Great to see you on here! Initially when you went to work in Australia, did you receive a job offer before moving there, or did you find it once already settled? How come you still have residency in Australia when you've travelled the world for years? Have you ever received any sponsorships along your travels (E.g. from companies or Instagram itself)? If not, have you considered going down that route in order to support your continuous journey? Best of luck, and I look forward to see where the road takes you. Hey! Thanks for tagging along since such a long time!!
When I moved to Australia I didn't have a job. I spent the first months just looking for some temp gigs, while settling in that new country, at the time. It was crazy because in 2010 people here in Italy thought I went mad for leaving my safe job here, and moving to Australia with no job and as an immigrant. Turned out to be a good choice after all!
I have residency there because I am also a citizen there. Got my Australian passport in 2014.
I haven't received any sponsorship or any monetary endorsement from any companies through Instagram. I don't have enough followers I believe to be considered an "influencer".
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It's always a pleasure tagging along. That's fantastic. I want to work in a different country but all of those I've looked at only allow a work permit if you have been offered work or have experience in specialised manager positions. And as far as I know, one cannot apply for jobs while on a tourist/visitor visa. How did you work around that? Amazing achievement to receive your Australian citizenship in just 4 years! Ah, I see. What a funny world we live in. I moved to Australia with a working holiday visa, which allowed me to work only for 6 months at the time for each employer. I started working for a recruitment agency and then got bought and hired by my other company, that eventually sponsored me for my residency.
How has your sex life been on the trip? Haha sorry, it does say ask me 'anything'. I guess what I'm saying more specifically is a lot of guys have a fantasy of doing exactly what you're doing and doing plenty of "socializing" in different countries no strings attached. Just wondering if your trip has been fun in that regard or if it's too difficult when staying in hostels etc I did answer this question already but I'll go into few details again. Travelling in hostels is good and bad. You meet a lot of people but there's no privacy. I tend to respect other people generally so I avoid having sex on bunk beds, bathrooms and stuff like that (which happened to me instead). Not the best to have your bed rattling and having to wear headphones with loud music, trying to get some sleep. Haha
Anyway, the main "issue" in travelling and socializing is that you always have to leave. So unless you go partying and go for the wild night...every's not simple to get close to somebody, even in that sense.
Anyway, my sex life was definitely complicated, compared to the one I had when living in one fixed place in Australia.
Amazing. A question: were you an experienced bike rider before you set off on your trip, or did you decide to use a bike on a whim, and learned as you went? How much biking experience would you recommend to someone before they try a trip like this? Also, what are your thoughts about using a bike vs a car? With a car, you can sleep in the back, making accommodations cheaper, and maybe a bit more luxurious than a tent, but they're also larger, more unwieldy things that cost more to fuel and repair. Hey! I've been riding motorcycles since I was 14yo (even earlier). So I guess I was kind of an experienced rider, but I wasn't an experience long distance rider so... Not sure if it makes sense to you.
I met different people who recently learned how to ride, doing the same thing I was doing with small learner bikes. I mean, there are literally no limits on what can you do if you want to do it and it, without thinking too much about it.
You know what they say... 4 wheels move the body, 2 wheels move the soul.
Have you been to the Philippines? If so what was your experience and opinion about the place? Nooo! but definitely want to go there!!! I have a lot of Filipino friends in Australia and they told me about some incredible places to visit!
Just out of curiosity, when you go across continents. Do you start saving up weeks beforehand since the tickets will cost more than your usual expenditure and not to mention shipping your bike as well? Hopefully I can meet you in real life someday! I'm from Hong Kong but just started learning Italian during the pandemic! Grazie mille! Kudos to you, my friend!! Learning Italian is quite the challenge! just know that even most italians can't speak proper italian, so you'll be fine once visiting the country! ;)
I've been living off my savings so I've been just crossing countries like that. no much planning. Just hop on the bike and go. Shipping of motorcycle only occurred from Australia to South America and from Canada to Ireland. First one was by shipping boat and second one was with Air Canada Cargo. Incredibly, flying was cheaper.
Did you ever wish you had a smaller bike? I‘ve wanted to ask this question for years, ever since I saw a Ewan McGregor travel show, “Long Way Around.” In Ewan’s journey, he used a large BMW 1150/1200, and he was always joking about how jealous he was of the little bike (Ural 500cc?) his friend eventually rode. Thanks in advance! Yes. I was wishing I had a smaller and lighter bike when I was riding on sand in Brasil or Australia. But then I was quite happy to have a 1200cc engine under my seat when I was going up on some 5000m mountains or during long 800km day rides.
I mean, there is no perfect bike... And there are pro and cons with any kind of bike.
You just have to pick yours and go with it!
Have you heard of the bike dog? The_bike_dog on insta Yes!! I follow him on Insta!! Amazing feed!
Where are you now and what are your next 5 countries on your list? Italy now! The next 5 up will depend on how covid behaves in the next few months.
Did you ever make it to New Zealand? If so what was you favourite place in NZ? If not, do you plan to in the future? I've been to new zealand but not with my motorcycle. It is one of my dreams to ride there though. After what I've seen...
Amazing! Are you going to cross Austria? We have Schnitzel and Apfelstrudel 😉 Ahah Austria is next on my list of countries to visit. I PROMISE! ...i mean, i ride a KTM!
Have you ever been attacked by locals? If so, what was the reason? The only locals that really attacked me were stray dogs in Chile. Hundreds of those in the streets. They get pretty hostile when in groups...and they aim at the wheels mostly. They chase you and bark at your ankles. Haha 50 meters of pure adrenaline
How do you arrange money for food and fuel? How do you see yourself living your old age given that you likely don't have enough savings for retirement.... to survive in your 50+ or retirement age? I already addressed the money factor, but I will answer to the second question. I see myself as an old in a 4x4 campervan, parked on some remote beach in Australia, alone, maybe with a dog... Probably with an empty bank account and no big house, but a life full of memories and hopefully a better understanding of myself as a human being. You are only afraid to die if you haven't fully lived, mate!
What do you enjoy about this lifestyle? And what’s a typical day like for you? The best thing about this lifestyle is the freedom that comes with it. No alarms in the morning, nobody that tells you what to do, no schedules. Free.
I wake up, have coffee and a small bite while checking my social media. Then I look at the map to see where and which routes could be feasible for the day. Then i pack and ride off. Half way in i look for accommodations in the potential destination. When I get there i check around and see if i like it or not. If yes I stay, otherwise i move on to the next location. This is something that only travelling on a motorcycle can give you. Fast change of location, no traffic, easy stop and go, low visibility. Then i find my spot for the night, unpack and enjoy my daily meal. Usually fresh veggies or some local products. At night i rest or sometimes exercise a bit.
Great AMA! 1. Do you ever wish you were with someone, to not be alone in your experiences? Or maybe for people to tag along for a while? (A 2nd person all the time might be a bit much if you like being by yourself). I’ve travelled a little bit by myself and really enjoyed being alone, but sometimes afterwards you might want to talk about an experience with someone who was there with you. I found the freedom of being alone more important, but I’ve never travelled as long as you. 2. Do you ever think of a future where you want to settle down? Maybe wife, kids, and all that? Did your wishes about that change while on the road? Good luck to you! I have travelled with another rider and even a couple. Not for me. It is hard to find another person you get along with 100%, especially when you are used to have it your way for so long! Said this if you are a solo rider, travelling with a couple 2up, is complicated because they usually have different speed and needs. I prefer to not have a partner with me. It would change the overall experience and I wouldn't be able to be by myself in silence and have moments of absolute peace. You can't be in touch with yourself and embrace the change with another person constantly reminding you who you are and who you have to be. Unfortunately the downsides are sometimes the moments of loneliness...but again, I got used to it. And now i prefer it this way.
As far as family and settling down goes...i am 40 years old and most of my friends are married, with stable jobs and kids. So yeah, it's a constant reminder of my choice in life. But so far, i am happy with what I have done. It's a choice and I am aware of the consequences.
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2020.08.13 09:51 agoodshort Where's best to buy a house?

Hey, my partner and I are now looking for houses to buy and we have two potentials houses matching are requirements and budget. The only thing is that one is in Moycullen and the other in Athenry. As foreigners living only in Galway city center for 3 years, we have our pro/cons regarding these 2 cities, but I'd like to have a bit of local opinion as well. We (will) have 1 car and we both work in city center (Eyre Square and Wellpark).
View Poll
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2020.08.06 18:06 R3dbeardLFC Order of Operations Questions (US to Ireland)

Let me first say, I don't plan to do anything until Covid-19 is over or at least not an international issue. I'm not an American idiot, or so I hope anyway.
I have been researching off and on for a few months, reading past posts on here for ideas and tips, and "job searching" (skimming job boards) here and there. Basically, I am just looking to find out what order I need to do certain items in, if there is even a "best" order (Job that can help get a visa, then housing? Or visa first, then find a job?). If you want to skip reading about my personal questions and just tell me what steps you took to begin your move to Ireland and obtaining citizenship, that would also be very helpful.
My life is a bit of a mixed bag, in that I've worked a few different professional careers (automation engineering/production management/business owner where I also do accounting, managing, HR, etc.) and most of those fit into the Crit skills job route, BUT I also have some inheritance money that could be used for the more pay to play options (STEP and IIP). I don't really care which route I take, I enjoy working and just doing a daily grind and I feel I have a pretty solid ability to quickly learn new skills in a hands-on environment, but I also know how to run my own business and manage employees.
I think my preference would be to find another entrepreneur who has an idea for STEP (I've been wracking my brain but just not able to come up with a great idea yet), but needs funding and a business partner. My initial question here is, would that be allowed, or does it have to be ME doing it all? Also, does anyone have an idea for STEP and looking for a partner? (seriously, if allowed).
I also have a wife and a small child (2 yo) and I can't get either to get a job! (ha) Would my wife be at a disadvantage being a SAHM? She has a psych degree, and has contemplated going back to school to further that degree, would it be a good idea for her to also apply for schooling, or as long as I am employed and on track for citizenship, does it not really matter what she does?
We plan to shed everything non-essential and come over with little baggage. Ideally I'd plan to purchase a house and not live anywhere near Dublin if it can be avoided. Would love to be in a more rural area with parks and wateriver nearby (Athlone, Limerick, Galway, etc.) Are there any restrictions to purchasing if you are only on a work visa or not yet obtained citizenship?
Thanks again for any help and if you have any advice on items I didn't even think to ask about. I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed with ALL the options and boxes to check, and need help getting a starting point to focus on.
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2020.07.27 12:45 27JJulbarium How to Find Someone on a Da-ting We-bsite ?

How to Find Someone on a Da-ting We-bsite ?
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2020.07.17 01:43 straightouttaireland Technology firm Globalisation Partners has vowed to create 100 jobs in Galway over the next three years.

Technology firm Globalisation Partners has vowed to create 100 jobs in Galway over the next three years. submitted by straightouttaireland to galway [link] [comments]

2020.07.03 11:50 kidgalloway Things to do in Galway without a car

Hi everyone,
I am planning a visit to Galway with my partner later this month. We will be staying in the city centre as we do not drive. Trying to make a plan for the three days, we are very interested in visiting old crypts/cemeteries, megalithic structures/tombs etc, and walking in beautiful natural spaces. would really appreciate any suggestions you may have!
Many thanks!
Edit : thank you all for your help! You are all so kind. I wish you all the best in the post pandemic world. Looking forward to exploring your county!
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2020.07.01 15:45 DaBeastGeek [N] [Jobs] DAVID ( Data-centre Audio/Visual Intelligence on-Device) Project

Hey guys! Not really sure if this is appropriate to post here, but I’ve seen some similar posts before so here goes.
We have a few openings for researchers for the DAVID project here at NUIG. If you are interested please feel free to email!
The following is a brief elevator pitch of the job.
The DAVID project is a collaboration between XPERI, SoapBox and National University of Ireland Galway. Its main objective is the development of a multimodal (sound and vision) neural accelerator platform with low cost and low power consumption to be used for the creation of privacy-secured, voice-enabled toys.
The NUIG work packages will focus on lightweight text-to-speech, voice-based emotion/mood analysis, data extraction/collection/synthesis the preparation, annotation & augmentation of datasets, training & optimization of state-of-art neural networks, GANs & variational auto-encoders and assisting engineers in the industry partners with porting and integration of the resulting neural networks onto the DAVID hardware platform. Please read about the opportunities and apply directly to [email protected] - putting DTIF DAVID and the reference number for the vacancy you wish to apply to in the subject of your e-mail.
Link to the research jobs page
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2020.06.26 00:09 Raaramy Is it mad to move home in this climate?

We live in NZ and I know everyone's first thought is about how great the covid situation has been handled etc. And I agree, it's a much safer spot. But my current visa ends in September and although I'm going through the motions to reapply I can't help but feel that I don't want to be this far away anymore. We've lived out here for nearly 6 years, initially it was just meant to be for a one year working holiday. Our visa status means we can't re enter NZ under current border restrictions, so we aren't able to visit home and we've had to postpone our wedding. What would we be returning to? Do people think the economy will pick up. My partner is a chef and I'm a bit of a jack of all trades, primarily I work in video production but also do social media for bars and restaurants and can do waitressing if money is scarce. We're thinking Galway would be a good spot for us. Or should we apply for our visas in NZ and wait it out and see where the rest of 2020 goes?
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2020.06.14 12:49 CptMarvelle Can someone help me navigate travel restrictions abroad from Ireland?

A bit of context, my partner and I are in a long distance relationship. I moved to Germany a year ago while he remains in Ireland (Galway) for now. We were supposed to see each other in April but, obviously, Covid-19 happened.
Starting tomorrow, borders are reopening in, at least, the Schengen area, some flights are also operated (Lufthansa is resuming Dublin - Frankfort, for instance).
I have a hard time understanding what is happening in Ireland right now and finding relevant information. Here's my understanding so far:
Thanks! :)
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2020.05.02 12:35 TAMonBlues How to get married during lockdown?

Hey everyone just throwing this question out there in case there are some actual things I can do. Long story short we had a civil marriage ceremony planned for mid may in Galway, my partner and I have been together nearly 15 years love eachother very much and have kids etc. . This was essentially the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to get married, its all organized through the marriage registry office and once a week they have a local hotel host this ceremony for like a dozen couples it's basically signing some papers and saying a few words. All this is now cancelled due to covid 19 measures being extended, TBH I had very little hope it would happen once lockdown began. Does anyone know of any other means I can get married? Gonna call the registry office on Tuesday and check if there is anything else I can do, our paperwork is still filed so I'm hoping there is another way I can get the marriage officiated.
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2020.04.27 02:07 PhilipBeanacus92 Galaxy s10+ screen fix?

Anyone have experience with a good phone shop in either Galway, limerick or Sligo area that can fix a Samsung S10+ screen that actually buy the part from Samsung. Ideally somewhere in Galway or Sligo as I live in Sligo boriginally from Galway but if I'd make the drive to limerick if it was worth it. I've come across fonfix ( €290) and Electronic Partners (€265) both claim to get OEM parts and both are in Galway.
It will probably be after the lockdowns before I'd get it fixed. Not chancing sending my phone by post to anyone.
If anyone knows a good reliable place that won't scam or damage the phone further, around to 265 or lower, (would hate to receive my phone with scuff marks since my phone is in mint condition apart from the small screen crack) it would be really appreciated. I've never had the misfortune of having my phone fixed in the past. Thanks.
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2020.02.26 21:08 DaKillaGorilla A flat chested country girl from County Cork or "To The Shores of Tripoli"

[Author's notes in comments for translations and details. Enjoy!]
Near Banbridge town, in the County Down
One morning last July
Down a bóithrín green came a sweet cailín
And she smiled as she passed me by.
She looked so sweet from her two bare feet
To the sheen of her nut brown hair
Such a winsome elf, I'm ashamed of myself
For the see of her standing there.
Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 9th Marines
Assigned to the 76th MEU, TFSS James Mattis
23 years since first contact, 5 years until Operation Inchon
The side doors of the UV-70 Mamba opened and I let my feet hang over the side. The trees below me were a blur as we flew past. A wave of hot air washed over me as I leaned my head out of the dropship. It was either from the planet’s tropical biome or the fact that half the colony was on fire. The crew chief to my left swung a 14mm machine gun out the door and loaded a belt into it with a satisfying thrwack. He leaned his own head out of the door to get his own bearings. He turned to us and held up 5 fingers and shouted, “FIVE MINUTES”.
“FIVE MINUTES” shouted back the 12 Marines and one Navy Corpsman, all of us copying his gesture.
“Hey O’Hare” said a German voice from behind me. I turned around to look at the source. Corporal Blucher was checking the Marines’ gear one last time. He turned after aggressively tightening down a strap on one of the boots who had apparently not secured his body armor well enough. “What the fuck are we supposed to do if you get shot first?”.
“I don’t know, have Doc Stevens fix me up?” I replied.
“Fuck no, stay next to me. Let Garcia take point since he wants to let his Scheiße hang loose” said the Prussian corporal as he pushed the well corrected PFC away and towards me. Not counting Doc, Blucher was the oldest one of us at 23, and he was an Old Corps salt dog to the bone. He didn’t take shit, but he didn’t give it either. He was a dick sure, but he was always right about it.
“Aye corporal”
Cùl tòna, I’ve been on that ship for months! I just want to get my feet back on solid ground already I complained as I heaved my legs back from the edge and took my place next to the squad leader. On paper a squad leader is supposed to be a sergeant and the assistant squad leader a corporal. But things don’t work the way they’re supposed to in the Marine Corps. They work the Marine Corps way in the Marine Corps! So, we were short on NCOs and making do with a corporal and a senior lance corporal as the assistant.
“Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of chances to get some today” said the senior lance corporal in question. He depolarized his visor so I could see his shit eating grin. He was just as happy to be off the ship as we all were. The side of his helmet said, Don’t Panic!. He said he read it in a book once. Good advice I suppose. “But if you do take a round, we are kinda fucked” he added.
“Ach you’ll figure it out Thompson” I said to the American. He was a bit more of an eejit, but he knew what he was doing most of the time. A comm link isn’t that hard to use! Everyone else just likes having a comm nerd to yell at.
“THREE MINUTES” yelled the crew chief breaking me from my internal ranting.
“THREE MINUTES” we all replied.
I began taking inventory of my kit for the thousandth time. One M89A5 assault rifle, check. 6 spare magazines with 32 rounds of 5mm Terran Caseless each, check. One M77A2 pistol, check. 2 spare magazines with 18 rounds of 9mm Dillon each, check. One comm link with a tactical bracer, check. One field drone, check. Two frags, one flashbang, two marking beacons, and a rainbow of smoke grenades across my belt; check. One first aid kit, check. One mostly full hydration bladder, check. Some rat fucked MRE snacks, check. One ka-bar, check. One multitool and a roll of electrical tape, check. One semi crumbled pack of cigarettes plus a lighter, fucking check. Also, Blucher had me snag a thermite grenade incase this went “Mogadishu” on us. Whatever that means. All of that plus my helmet and body armor and this was turning into quite the load. Who’s fecking idea was it to give the 1.6-meter 50 kilogram Irish girl all this gear? Oh right, mine when I dropped out of uni and enlisted.
Sufficed that everything was still there I looked back through the open door. The Mamba had banked to the left and gave me a good view of the city without having to lean out of the damn thing. Ok maybe three quarters of the colony was on fire. Christ, this was the kind of shite that made the Taurans get all worked up at The Table. They were constantly crying about how “humans can’t be trusted”. How we are a race of undisciplined children that haven’t even left behind their regional identities. That it wasn’t right that a fledgling race be given free reign the of stars and colonization of unclaimed worlds. That our unchecked expansion invited these kinds of attacks. That we still weren’t ready. To be honest, they just sounded jealous. At least the Dracs and a few of the rest made good trading partners.
A silence came over the inside of the dropship. It wasn’t out of fear or anything. Oh no, we were all too damn excited to be scared. You can’t stick a bunch of Marines on a ship with nothing to do but lift weights and masturbate for months and expect us to not want to kill something. Come to think of it they probably do it on purpose. When you take into account that my number one rule is “don’t fuck Marines in 1/9” and the fact that I can’t stand sailors long enough to get into bed with one, you can see what I had been directing my energy towards. When word came down that some pirates had torched a mining town and a bunch of civvies needed saving, we couldn’t get kitted up fast enough. Getting paid to kill a bunch of gigantic pieces of shite that zero people will miss? Fucking ‘rah.
“Condition one weapons!” ordered Blucher. The dropship was filled with the sound of slightly less satisfying thrwicks as we chambered rounds into our weapons. The digital round counter on my rifle read 32 to confirm that it was loaded. If I had the genetic predisposition for it, I probably would’ve been sporting a hard on. I almost felt bad for the dumb bastards. Almost.
From Bantry Bay up to Derry Quay
From Galway to Dublin town
No maid I've seen like the fair cailín
That I met in the County Down.
The engines roared as we approached the ground and the ship shuddered when the landing gear touched the surface. We spilled out of the side doors and formed into a semicircle in front of the ship, crouching and facing outward. No orders were needed, we had practiced this same maneuver dozens if not hundreds of times. The Mamba’s engines roared again as it took off and flew over and away from us, leaving us in a field that separated the colony from the planet’s massive rainforest.
“O’Hare call it in” said Blucher.
“Reaper 3 Actual, Reaper 3-1. We have reached phase line Budweiser and are pushing to phase line Busch” I said into my helmet’s integrated mic as I keyed my comm.
Whoever comes up with these objective names needs to learn what a real beer is. Why can’t there ever be a phase line Guinness? Fucking yanks wouldn’t know a good pint if I shoved one up their arse.
“Copy 3-1, out” replied the disembodied voice of our platoon commander. The other 2 squads of 3rd platoon reported themselves as well and the lieutenant responded accordingly.
“Van Dusen your team takes point. Tokugawa, Petrov fall in behind, squad column. Let’s get a fucking move on!” commanded Blucher. “Rah” “Yut” “Kill” responded the South African, Japanese, and Ukrainian team leaders respectfully. Again, they were supposed to be corporals, but experienced lance corporals could do the job just as well.
“O’Hare you fucking pogue! What did I tell you? Stay next to me!” shouted Blucher as we started to move out and form into staggered columns down a semi paved road surrounded by abandoned homes and storefronts. Everyone that hadn’t been already evacuated was held up at the government house with the rest of Charlie company.
“Rah corporal” I prefer battery powered grunt thank you very much.
“Thompson hang back with Doc and make sure everyone has their spacing” Blucher continued.
“Slay bodies”
“All Reaper 3 callsigns be advised, Reaper 6’s comms are down. Coordinate with Reaper 2 Actual. How copy, over?” our lieutenant said. I checked my tac bracer and sure enough the CO’s callsign had dropped off the net. 1st, 2nd, and Weapons platoon were at least still up. Fecking hell Ali! Get your shite together, you’re making us comm guys look bad.
“Copy”, said 3-2.
“Lima Charlie”, said 3-3.
“Solid copy”, I said.
“Roger, out”
“What the fuck did he say? It was cutting out” said an annoyed Corporal Blucher.
“The CO’s comm is down. We’re talking to 2nd until they unfuck it” I answered. Blucher grumbled something in German and smacked the side of his helmet a couple of times. It doesn’t work like that but ok. Our helmets had integrated UHF comms for the squad level so we could talk outside of shouting distance, but anything beyond that needed a comm link. They had a feature where they could wirelessly connect to a nearby comm so the TCS (Tactical Communications Specialist that is) wouldn’t have to be constantly repeating what he heard like an ancient radio operator. But as we learned during field exercises in 29 Palms and on Luna it liked to shit out on you when you started moving. The link has 2 cables so that you can hook it up to your helmet and get a much more reliable connection. It’s good for the TCS but I would basically have to be piggybacking Blucher if he wanted to use the other one.
We pushed further into the city towards the simple two story building that was our objective, keeping our eyes and ears open for any sign of trouble. The inferno continued to blaze and engulf more and more of the mining town. The sound of weapons platoon’s medium machine guns and enemy plasma weapons clashing were getting louder now. Every now and then I could hear them touch off a rocket and some grenade launchers.
“What about your shortwave?” I asked finally.
“The cable gets in the way of my speed reloads” answered Blucher. A bhastaird bhreallghnùisigh! Why does everyone have to try and make my job harder? A shortwave was essentially a handheld comm link issued to officers and NCOs that you could fit into a pouch on the front of your plate carrier (or an empty magazine pouch if supply ran out). It didn’t have the same output as the bigger ones but it could do the job in a pinch.
As she onward sped, sure I scratched my head,
And I looked with a feelin' rare,
And I says, says I, to a passer-by,
"Who's the maid with the nut brown hair?"
Well he looked at me and he said to me,
"That's the gem of Ireland's crown.
Young Rosie McCann from the banks of the Bann,
She's the star of the County Down."
As we approached an intersection Garcia gave the hand signal for a danger area. Again, no orders were needed as just about every Marine has done this thousands of times since boot camp. One fireteam pulls security while the other two get across. There are to be four Marines that have their weapons trained on either direction of the road, two on each side. I dropped down to a knee and took my post on the corner of a building, resting my rifle on the wall. Van Dusen was across from me mirroring my position. Blucher put a hand on my shoulder as Tokugawa’s team went across. “Alright send it”.
“3 Actual, 3-1. We have reached phase line Busch and are approaching objective Icehouse”. This is an insult to real beer.
“Copy 3-1, out”.
Without taking my eyes off the road I was overcome with a sudden desire to be a cheeky cunt, “Ya know corporal, as soon as we get libo I-OH FUCK”. Before I could finish a figure stepped out of an alley and turned to me. It looked like a human, sort of. If a human had veiny beet red skin, completely black eyes, no ears save for the holes on either side of its head, coarse fur like hair, a squashed rectangular nose, 4 fingers and the body of a tall dwarf. Not like a little person but like a proper mythical dwarf. It seemed very surprised to see me. It was carrying a plasma rifle and was wearing a strange x-shaped harness on its chest over a red jumpsuit. Its black eyes went wide, and it opened its mouth of shark like teeth as if to say something. I quickly decided that I had no intention of hearing its opinions as it raised its weapon at me. I fired 3 rounds in rapid succession. Two to the chest, one to the pelvic girdle. My rifle’s integrated suppressor muzzling my shots to a quick phwip.
The harness must’ve been some kind of personal shield because a flash of light emitted from the alien pirate as my first rounds tore into it. Probably designed to redirect energy from plasma weapons, not absorb a 5mm fin stabilized discarding sabot at 10 meters traveling just a bit over Mach 3. Surprise fecker! You’re dealing with proper Human weapons now you gobshite! My third shot into its pelvis dropped it like a bag of hammers and it laid on the ground gurgling in a pool of black blood. Van Dusen shot it twice in the head for posterity’s sake.
“HOLY FECKING SHITE I GOT ONE!” I yelled. I just popped my cherry! Not the gross awkward one with all the blood but the fun cool one with all the blood.
“Keep your fucking pants on O’Hare!” said Blucher. “Let’s fucking go Petrov! Get your Marines across!” He pumped his forearm vertically up and down, the hand signal for "hurry the fuck up".
“At least we know who it is now, bru. Fucking Kats!” chimed in Van Dusen. As if on que to defend their honor from the Afrikaner’s insult more Katavarian pirates began appearing from further down the road. I flicked my rifle off safe again as Blucher, Van Dusen, and I poured fired down the road. The Kats seemed woefully unprepared to have been caught in the middle of a Terran Federal Marine Corps infantry platoon’s advance. They were firing wildly as we cut them down, their shields doing little to protect them from our high velocity rounds. Red faces were appearing from around alleys and behind windows trying to take potshots at us. Christ, were these guys taking a fecking nap when we showed up? For every flash of red that I saw I fired 2-3 rounds. Sometimes I’d be rewarded with a flash of a broken shield and an alien howl, other times they’d duck out of the way before I got a good sight picture. It did seem like I was drawing more than my fair share of their ire, probably on account of the antenna sticking out of my back that said “Look at me! I’m important!”.
Van Dusen fired his under barrel grenade launcher into a store front where some of them had set up a firing position. No doubt taking cover when they realized their shields were doing fuck all. The 40mm HEDP shell exploding in their face was our way of saying “nice try but still get fucked”.
“No shit it’s Kats! It’s always fucking Kats!” said Doc Stevens as he ran across. The Katavarians barely had a presence at The Table. Their government was a powerless operation that just existed to say “oops sorry what can we do” whenever another pirate band attacked shipping lanes or colonies. And as the newest race to discover FTL technology it was mostly us that fell victim to their attacks on our outer colonies. And to be quite frank, we were getting very tired of their shit. Like today. “At least their physiology is pretty similar to ours” he added as he got across and took a position next to Van Dusen. I put a burst into one of them that had appeared on a roof holding a shoulder fired weapon. It fell to the ground in a heap.
“Can you translate that to crayon, bru?” quipped Van Dusen. He knew what he was talking about but he just liked being a prick. Especially to navy guys.
“Bloody hell, their important bits are the same as our important bits” sighed the HM2 from Liverpool.
“Yeah, I kind of figured that out when I shot one in the head and it fucking died, Doc. Thompson hurry it up!” said Blucher as he slammed a fresh magazine into his rifle. The Kats’ fire was slowing down now, and it seemed as if they had decided that discretion was the better part of valor. I guess that’s what happens when you go from raiding colonies with token Planetary Guard forces to facing a bunch of grunts that have had nothing to do but think about killing for the past 2 months.
“Last Marine!” said Thompson as he touched my shoulder and ran past, letting me know that he was the last one in the formation to cross behind us.
“O’Hare call it in and let’s get moving” ordered Blucher.
“Copy”, I keyed my comm “3-2, 3-1. Be advised we have engaged a reinforced squad sized element. They are breaking contact and oscar mike to your pos. How copy over?”
“Solid copy 3-1, we’ll be waiting for them”
“Roger, out”. I couldn’t help but smile under my helmet. Imagine the look on their faces when they run into more Marines!
“Ok O’Hare your turn!” I sprinted across and relieved Van Dusen. Seconds later Blucher came across and touched my shoulder. “Last Marine” he sighed. “Ok are we good to go? Team leaders?” The three team leaders responded positively that their Marines were in fact alive and had all of their important bits.
“Alright form it back up and let’s double time it” ordered our squad leader.
From Bantry Bay up to Derry Quay
From Galway to Dublin town
No maid I've seen like the fair cailín
That I met in the County Down.
“3 Actual, 3-1. We have reached objective Icehouse and are setting up overwatch”.
“Good to go 3-1, out”.
As I touched off a marking beacon to confirm to everyone all the way up to the Mattis where we were Blucher cursed and smacked the side of his helmet again.
“Still?” I asked.
“Yeah...” he admitted.
“Here let me fix it. Hold still feisì” I said, adding my Gaeilge when he began to protest.
“The fuck did you just call me?” spat Blucher.
“Nothing at all Corporal!” I quickly answered. Oops.
Du Fickfehler” he answered.
Despite the exchange he let me get to work. I grabbed the end of the cable from the shortwave under his left armpit and pulled out and under his arm to get it as far away from his mag pouches as I could. I ran it back up to his helmet and plugged it into the port under where he had written “Kerle, wollt ihr ewig leben?”. Whatever that means. He held up a thumb when he heard the rest of 3rd platoon reporting their positions. Corona and Miller? Janey Mac I’m surrounded by heathens!
“What’s so hard about cursing in English?” asked Thompson.
“It’s so much more fun in Irish!” I said hoping Blucher wasn’t paying attention.
“If you have 40 ways of saying “fuck you” why would you use just the one?” chimed in Lance Corporal Singh, our designated marksman. I gave her a fist bump and laid down in between her and Blucher. She had something in Sanskrit written on her helmet. I ought to ask her what that means. Thompson nodded at this response and went back to looking at what we all were.
Objective Icehouse was a simple two story building with a flat roof. The only thing special about it was that orbital imagery from the Mattis indicated that it gave us a pretty good over watch position to the government house. 2nd and 3rd squads got similarly positioned buildings. I was on the roof with Blucher, Thompson, and Singh. The rest of the squad was set up on the floor below us or on street level. From here we could see the rest of Charlie Company exchanging fire with what was left of the Kats. Tracers streaked out from the government house towards assortments of buildings the pirates were firing back from. They must’ve started to wise up because they were holding back at a range that their shields might’ve done something now. They were firing back with whatever heavier plasma weapons and lasers they had. It wasn’t doing much though, and they were starting to try and push forward. They had to have been getting desperate. Stuck between an advancing inferno that they started, and an infantry company that they pissed off, with their extraction burning up in the atmosphere. Their only hope for salvation was to flee into the rainforest and hope they could call for another pirate band that could use the numbers before more Marines came and mopped them up. I bet whatever unobtanium this colony was mining doesn’t sound worth it anymore.
It used to be that they would just surrender at the first sign of trouble or cut their loses and flee. But we stopped handing Kat prisoners back over when we found out we had captured the same band half a dozen times just for the joke of the Kat government to release them and have them back attacking us. Not anymore, new procedure was to treat every Kat vessel as a potential threat and engage the confirmed ones at every opportunity. Provided they didn’t have any hostages outright destroying them was the best option. This made some of the other races get all jittery (especially the Taurans) but fuck them. If the want to attack us they can turn big rocks into little rocks on Mars for all eternity.
So, most of the company had landed after the rest of the battalion got who they could, and we were held in reserve to cover their push to the last evac site. The plan was to cover them, hold off whatever the Kats threw at us while the engineers cleared a landing zone for the Albatrosses, and then get the fuck out.
“Get the drone up. I don’t want any more fucking surprises” said Blucher.
“Roger” I answered fishing the field drone out of its polymer case. Its four propellers sprang out and spun to life as I activated it from my tac bracer. The hummingbird sized device flew out of my hand and in front of our position. With my bracer I controlled its movements and got a visual from it’s on board camera. Normal visuals weren’t doing me any good, so I switched over to thermals and was greeted with a white hot screen. The fire along with the planet’s climate was overloading the system. I turned down the sensitivity until I got a good visual of my surroundings. A Kat’s internal body temperature was a little higher than that of a human. This made them all that easier to spot them on thermals. First, I swept the buildings directly in front of us. Nothing. Then I started branching out. Block by block, darting my little drone up and down alleys and streets looking for Kats that thought they could hide. Eventually, I found something. About 200 meters up and to the right of us. In another two story building was a blob of orange and red.
“Corporal I got something” I said without looking up from my bracer. The heat was enough to be a Kat, but it looked all wrong. Like it had two heads or something. From what I could tell it looked to be crouched or sitting in a closet in the center of building away from any doors or windows. I tried getting inside but with all the windows and doors closed there was nothing I could do. Fuck.
“Let me see” Blucher said crawling over to me. I held out my forearm for him to see and he studied it for a moment. “Eh it’s probably one of those fuckers trying to hide out. Either way it’s out of the way of the extraction route and if it suddenly gets brave Singh can perforate it from here”. Singh put up a “rock on” hand signal at this.
“But Corporal what if- “
“Corporal I really think- “
“Shut the fuck up, Lance Corporal!”
Thompson put a hand on my shoulder, “What happens if we send out a team and they get bogged down out there? What happens if we get rushed and we’re not at strength? What happens if we send out some Marines and they get chopped up just to find it’s another Kat? Everyone is supposed to be at the government house”. I turned to look at him and frowned. His eyes were worried and doubtful. He was thinking the same thing I was. But he was right. And so was Blucher. As much of an arsehole as he was, he didn’t want to go home with 8 Marines in his squad instead of 12. But things don’t work the way they’re supposed to.
“C’mon get your head in the game” said Singh playfully smacking my helmet. Yeah ok, it’s nothing. Gotta be here in the now. I marked the building on my map and went back to looking through my rifle.
“All Reaper 3 callsigns you are clear to engage”
“Light them the fuck up!” commanded Blucher. With that the 12 Marines and one Corpsman in Objective Icehouse began suppressing the more threatening sources of Katavarian fire. To our left and right the Marines in Objectives Corona and Miller were doing the same. Singh’s M109 DMR was spitting out 7.5mm Martian polymer cases with a dull fwup. I switched my optic from 1x to 4x so I could get a better look at what we were shooting at. The Kats’ shields were doing them some good at this range. It took 2 good hits for their shields to drop. It was hard to get good targets though so most of us were just trying to suppress the buildings, puffs of dust kicking up from our rounds hitting the walls. I would’ve put my weapon on burst or even auto if I thought that I wouldn’t burn through the rest of my mags. I did get to see some of Singh’s shots “canoe” a few of them so that was nice. But even though they were redirecting some of their guns to us it wasn’t enough to take the heat off the government house.
“MAAWS?” Thompson asked anxiously.
“MAAWS” agreed Blucher.
“Fuck yeah! Hey get that fucking MAAWS up here!” Thompson yelled down the staircase, not that he had to with the internal comms. He was just excited. I heard Petrov yelling Ukrainian obscenities at his Marines to sprint up the stairs. And I’m the one that has to keep her pants on? Two Marines raced out of the staircase and took a knee behind us. One holding the Man portable, Antitank, Antipersonnel, Weapon System and the other taking a bundle of 70mm rockets off his back.
“2 Actual, 3-1. Be advised we’re engaging with our MAAWS” I said into my mic.
“A-firm 3-1. Standing by to give you BDA” replied 2nd Platoon’s commander.
“You know which one you’re shooting at right?” asked Thompson.
“Yes, Lance Corporal” replied the rocket team. Fucking boots. They were the same rank technically but “billet before rank” and all that. Blucher, the micromanaging kraut that he is, wasn’t convinced and said, “Singh put some tracers on it”. She promptly retrieved a fresh magazine that had a strip of red electrical tape on it. She replaced the magazine she already had loaded with it and chambered a round. She fired two rounds that glowed as they flew towards the building we were engaging. The two Marines nodded their heads.
“Hey, load a thermo” Thompson said to the assistant gunner. Blucher looked at him as if to say “really?” but didn’t continue. This was going to be fun. The assistant took out a rocket with a thick orange band from the case. He twisted the tip and loaded it into the rear of the weapon. Once it was in, he then tapped the gunner’s helmet twice to confirm the weapon was armed. Now it was up to the gunner. The scope on the MAAWS had a range finder and a targeting computer so the gunner didn’t have to sling rockets at his target until he got it right. It told him exactly were to hold based on the distance to the target, angle of attack, and munition being fired. All he had to do was hold it steady and pull the trigger.
“On target!” announced the gunner. “CLEAR BACKBLAST!”
“BACKBLAST CLEAR!” confirmed his assistant.
The 70mm thermobaric rocket streaked out from the Marine’s shoulder and over our heads. My eyes were glued to it in anticipation. What’s great about thermobaric weapons is that they don’t just explode, they implode. It works by igniting the oxygen in the air, which results in a vacuum. The air in the immediate atmosphere will then come rushing in. This has the effect of sucking anything in in the immediate vicinity. Like walls. Also, apparently, they contain some kind of chemical that if exposed to it too often will give you cancer. But that’s for the VA to worry about.
The shot couldn’t have been more perfect. The rocket shot straight through a window and into the building. First the explosion, igniting the available oxygen and burning the Kats’ lungs from the inside. And then the implosion. The walls of the house caved in on themselves and the whole thing came down. If anything in there wasn’t already dead, it was now. Eleven Marines and one Navy Corpsman roared in excitement as our target was turned into a pile of dust and rubble from the inside out. Second and Third squads must’ve gotten the same idea because rockets streaked out from their positions towards their targets.
“Good fucking shit boots!” applauded Thompson.
“Aye Lance Corporal!”
“Lock it up! Lock it the fuck up!” commanded Blucher when our celebrating went on for a second too long.
“Good hit 3-1, position destroyed, estimate 10 EKIA. Pushing Reaper 4 to you now.”
“Copy, out. Corporal you get that?” I said turning my head to Blucher. He put up a thumb in affirmation. Yeah that’s right fecker I know I’m good at my job. Weapons platoon began spilling out of the government house and double timed it up the main road towards us. First the machine gun section, then mortars, and finally engineers. They would bolster our defenses while the engineers secured a landing zone. The Albatrosses needed a lot of space. Then the rest of the company would move the civvies knowing they were under a protective blanket of machine guns, mortars and rifle fire. The gunners were moving hard with their guns on their shoulders and their assistants following behind laden with belts of ammunition and spare barrels. Squads started breaking off from the section and one headed towards our position. A machine gun squad consisted of two machine guns with two Marines per gun plus a squad leader. In this case all of these Marines were lance corporals in true Marine Corps fashion.
“Marines coming in!” announced the machine gunners one after another as they entered our building. Soon a burst raced out from the floor below us. “GUN ONE UP!”
Another burst. “GUN TWO UP!”. With that the 7.5mm general purpose machine guns began their dance of death. One gun would fire a burst of 6 rounds, and then the other gun would take over. This way, it was a constant stream of fire without eating up all their ammo. While one team was loading. The other was firing. While one was changing barrels, the other was putting rounds down range. The GPMGs weren’t suppressed like our rifles, so it was quite the racket. But the noise was gas sometimes! Sometimes I think I should’ve chosen 0331 but then I see their platoon sergeant make them do gun drills all day and I think better of it. One bad decision is enough thank you very much. We watched their tracers speed towards the Kats that had fancied themselves brave and were setting up on the rubble. The guns caught a few in the open with the opening bursts and the rest dove for cover. We followed suit and began picking off those we could while the machine guns kept them suppressed. At this range Singh got most of the good hits but every now and then the rest of us would catch one.
First and Second Platoons started moving now. Along with them were battered looking civilians, constables, and planetary guardsmen. The Marines surrounded them as they moved down the street. Some of them were carrying their wounded. Others were carrying their dead. I had to give it to those “parental guidances”. They didn’t have our training or equipment (some of these guys had M89A1s!), but this was their home. And they weren’t leaving it without a fight. Aside from the Marines the procession was quite the clusterfuck. Wounded constables and guardsmen hobbling along. Families holding their children and whatever possessions they were able to grab. And these are only the people that made it.
The crowd finally got to us and the Marines started reinforcing positions or securing the civilians while the Corpsmen got to work on the wounded. The mortarmen finally got to work and started shelling the government house with their 60mm tubes so the Kats couldn’t use it. No doubt they had their guns preset and were just waiting for everyone to get clear.
“LANCE CORPORAL O’HARE!” called a voice from street level.
“Better go” sighed Blucher.
Fuck me. I stood up and quickly made my way down and out of our house. I was greeted by the sight of our CO, Captain DuBois, and a very confused looking tactical communications specialist. And the sound of the engineers blowing down trees and buildings with det cord.
“Kill sir” I said trotting up to him.
“Excellent, would you please assist Lance Corporal Ali with getting comms back up” said the French officer.
“On it sir” I answered trying not to sound like a cunt about. Ali was fiddling with his bracer when I took a knee next to him.
“I don’t know what happened! It just dropped data all of a sudden!” he said. I grabbed his arm and turned it so I could look at his screen.
“Rinne tù margairlì crànach de” I whistled looking at the absolute hell of a readout.
“What?” Ali asked.
I sighed and started punching through the options, “Did you load the encryption keys before you loaded the frequencies?”
“…no” he admitted.
“You have to! If not, sometimes the data won’t take, and it’ll just drop after a few hours”.
“Why does it work like that?”
“How the feck should I know? It just does! Look, do you have backups?”
“Jesus wept”, fucking headquarters nerds. I pulled a cable out from my own bracer and plugged it into his. I was sure to upload the encryption keys first and show him what I did. “Grand, now get comm checks”. You’re lucky I like redundancies fecker.
The captain laughed the kind of laugh officers do whenever they want to feel heroic. “Corporal Blucher!”
The Prussian’s helmet poked out over the edge of the roof, “Yes sir?”
“You are no longer allowed to have O’Hare to yourself! She will be my personal TCS from now on!”
“Aye sir” Blucher said dejectedly, there was a reparations joke in there somewhere. Fucking hell, I hate being dependable. I can deal with the kraut and the yank but if I have to follow some frog shiny around all day I’ll go mental!
I took a look around the area that Charlie company had occupied. The CO was talking to the Mattis and trying to look like he knew what he was doing. The XO was pretending like he mattered. And First Sergeant was yelling at the mortarmen. In that regard everything is exactly as it’s supposed to be. Then my mood changed. There were families comforting their children. People were looking at what was left of their lives in their hands. They had it good here and a solid future for their kids and now they would be refugees until they found somewhere else. I saw Doc Stevens and some other corpsmen triaging the wounded. There were kids among them. Their bodies were scarred by plasma burns. The Kats didn’t have rules of engagement. If they weren’t going to take you as a hostage, they didn’t have use for you. And these are the ones that made it.
“O’Hare if you’re done get the fuck back here!”
“Rah Corporal!”
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2020.02.26 00:26 mlhenry92 [Event] Green Initiatives

Although Ireland has been investing in green technology and attempting to move away from reliance on fossil fuels for some years, the 2029 oil crisis pushes its government to roll out new initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and protect the Irish economy from instability in the Middle East.
Immediately following the spike in oil prices in 2029, public transportation services struggled to cope with the increased public demand for bus and train services. The Dail pushed through a proposal to rapidly increase carrying capacity and frequency of trains through the Dublin Area Rapid Transit (DART) system as well as expanding bus services in major cities such as Dublin, Cork, and Galway. Although the increase in demand for intercity trains did not spike quite as much, those services have been increased as well. Although this comes at a higher cost to the taxpayer, lawmakers argued that economic realities justified drastic increases in public spending to keep the Irish public in business. Without these increases in transportation investments, the Irish worker would be left stranded as few are able to afford private transportation given the increased oil prices.
Taking the long view, the Taoiseach also argued that there would be a continued need for increased public transportation services in coming years. Ireland's population has been growing relatively steadily and while its economy has been performing well, the logistical realities of life on the Emerald Isle means buses and trains are the path to the future. Furthermore, climate change has been an increasingly important priority, especially given the vulnerability of Hibernia to rising sea levels given its island status. This increased attention to climate responsibility has polled especially well among young voters and even older voters are all too happy to see increased availability and reliability of public transportation.
Although automakers saw drops in sales of cars in Ireland this year, the uptick in infrastructure spending has helped balance the employment rate in the manufacturing and sales industries. Hoping to benefit even more from expected increases in jobs in public transport, Bus Eireann has partnered with Limerick University to establish a Transportation Management and Operation program which is expected to begin offering certificates as early as Winter 2030. Government funding in education and innovation has been set aside in the form of program grants and scholarships to help produce skilled workers in these areas.
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2020.01.22 00:34 sdnw88 Day Trips from Dublin?

I'll be doing 6 nights in Dublin with my partner in November. We're staying at a hotel on points, so it's free, and for this trip I don't think we'll be staying overnight anywhere else unfortunately. This limits us to day trips, and I figure with the time we have and definitely wanting to explore Dublin it limits us to 2 (3 max) days outside the city. Options I'm looking at are:
  1. Cliffs of Moher & Galway- there's a tour with wild rover tours that would take us to both and drive part of the Wild Atlantic Way. I've read that weather at the cliffs can be hit or miss, however, and it would suck to waste a day and not even get to see anything.
  2. Belfast/Giants Causeway- there's another tour that looks cool with the same company from above. I'm a history buff so I think this combo that includes Belfast would be really cool.
  3. Cork/Blarney Castle- worth visiting? I'd be interested in Cork because I can trace some of my ancestry back to it. But is this trip worth doing in a day? It would also be with paddywagon tours, a company that doesn't appear to be as highly rated.
  4. Wicklow Mountains- Again, worth visiting? I know they're much closer to Dublin. I look at pictures though and can only think that I've seen more beautiful mountains in my life...unless I'm missing something, I think I'd be more interested in driving further and experiencing the coast and some of the other cities/towns.
  5. Renting a car and just doing all this on the days the weather looks the best. I would be concerned about a few things, though- I've read that driving in Dublin can be a nightmare. We'd have to at least get in and out of Dublin city center to the hotel and rental car offices. Also, is parking easy to come by in Belfast, Galway, or Cork? (I don't mind paying to park in any of these places). There's also trains, but that kind of limits further exploration outside of the cities/towns.
Any other ideas or suggestions? I'm trying to make peace with the fact that with the limited time I won't be able to do it all. It looks like such a beautiful country. I'd love to go to Killarney and do the ring of Kerry but it looks like way too much for a single day. Guess I'll just have to go back :-)
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2020.01.14 20:00 Truffles64 Athenry + Advice about Trip Break-up

2-part question:
Day 5 of a 7-day trip calls for a lot of driving - and I wanted to know if it was too much - and a possible fix. The caveat is that my travel partner wants to stay at a castle (we booked an Airbnb one in Kilcogan, close to Galway).
8:00 Wake up in Dingle incl. Breakfast
9:00-11:30 Slea Head Drive incl. Dunquin Pier
11:30-1:00 1h 40m drive from Dingle to Tarbert Ferry (through the Conor Pass)
1:00-3:00 2 hour drive from Tarbert Ferry to the Cliffs
3:00-5:00 Cliffs of Moher
5:00-6:00 1h drive to stay in Kilcolgan at a castle.
The next day, we'd do Galway.
Obviously it's a lot. I see a nice castle hotel in Newmarket (Claire), Dromoland Castle Hotel. Should we stay there instead of Kilcolgan and then do The Cliffs and Galway the next day? Additionally, does anyone know of another castle to stay at in County Claire?
Question 2: Is there anything to do in Athenry? I see an archery place and obv there are the famous fields... Additionally, anything to do near Newmarket if we go that route?
Thanks so much.
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2020.01.04 23:48 bourbonnbiscuits I’m hoping to be a local soon - so where do all the locals go?

How are we, lads? Myself and my partner are taking a trip up to Galway city in the next few weeks to just have a calm few days of exploring, as it’s somewhere we potentially want to move to when we leave Dublin.
I thought I’d ask ye if you have any recommendations of places we should add to our list of where to pop into while we’re around. We’re both students (law and sociology), we’re artsy, love a good book and cup of coffee, always love to get info on queer spaces, we’re animal lovers. If there’s anything you think would really suit us, or something you think everyone should know about, I’d love to hear about it! Cheers :)
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2020.01.03 07:21 k8inhawaii asking for a friend.... really

This friend of mine is going to be visiting Ireland this summer doing some advance work for an artist workshop he plans to have in the summer of 2021. He will be mostly around Galway area, and needs to find places for his students to stay of the course of their workshop. But my reason for posting for him is that I want to find out what Irish dating apps you all might recommend, he is the best person I know and would be the most ultimate kick ass partner to any woman. His deets are : Male, age 55, art professor, latino and swede, super fit, mountain climber, rock climber, skier, swimmer, painter, dog person, very easy on the eyes, honest, loyal, caring..... seriously just an amazing dude. Any suggestions (that are not obnoxious) are appreciated.
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2019.11.21 18:17 fundo7 Solo Weekend in Galway

I’m a 19F spending this weekend solo in Galway since I’m studying in Dublin for the year. I’m staying at a small bed and breakfast in the city. What’s the best way to meet people (locals or other travelers around my age) to experience nightlife with? I’m worried about meeting people since I’m not staying in a hostel. Obviously, safety is a concern but at the same time I’m a bit of a partner and am down to have a fun time. I’ve tried tinder and I get lots of matches but it feels inorganic. Any tips? Thanks!
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2019.10.11 20:45 CosmoTea Vegan and gluten free scones in Ireland?

My partner and I are currently travelling in Ireland. They have never had scones before but can't eat gluten as well as being being vegan. Before we leave we will be in Galway, Dublin (I know they're not UK but I could be find an Ireland vegan sub) and Belfast. Does anyone know of somewhere we could get gf vegan scones?
Thank you in advance!
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2019.08.28 16:00 aihitPulse [LSE AIM] Cpl - CIO Change

2019-08-28 -- Galway
James Louttit appointed as new CIO of Cpl
About Cpl: Cpl is a global provider of talent solutions. The Group comprises 22 brands with expertise across the talent spectrum. We partner with organisations in every sector, from start-ups to multinationals in order to design and execute the most impactful talent solutions for their business. We deliver thi..
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WHISKEY WIGGLE Homegrown Honky Tonk Partner Dance Demo - YouTube The Galway Girl - The Kilkennys - YouTube alsonvideo - YouTube WALK AWAY ( Western Partner Dance ) Hillbilly Girl - Lisa McHugh (Galway Flashmob) - YouTube SAP Partner Service Delivery - YouTube

About Us Halden Galway International Corporation

  2. Homegrown Honky Tonk Partner Dance Demo - YouTube
  3. The Galway Girl - The Kilkennys - YouTube
  4. alsonvideo - YouTube
  5. WALK AWAY ( Western Partner Dance )
  6. Hillbilly Girl - Lisa McHugh (Galway Flashmob) - YouTube
  7. SAP Partner Service Delivery - YouTube
  8. GALWAY GIRLS - YouTube

Official ' Flashmob' video for Hillbilly Girl shot on Quay Street in Galway City featuring Struttin Stars from Co. Fermanagh GALWAY GIRLS DANCE WITH YOU ( Western Partner Dance ) - Duration: 3:38. alsonvideo 132,041 views. 3:38. All Shook Up couple dance - COUNTRY SPIRIT (Wild Country + Renegades) - Voghera 2009 - Duration: 2:50. WESTERN PARTNER DANCE ' WALK AWAY ' choreographed by John & Katie Corbett , danced to ' As She's Walking Away ' sung by Zac Brown Band & Alan Jackson. If you have enjoyed watching our video and ... welcome to our western dance and country music tour video website. *** dance scripts for our partner dances can be obtained from our website, find the dance ... Official Irish audio song I did not found it on You Tube. So here we go ! Enjoy the music ! Choreographed by Dan Albro (1/23/2015) 32 Count, Beginner/Intermediate Partner Dance 40 Count intro, Start with Vocals Music: 'Homegrown' by Zac Brown Band Western Dance Partner Western Partner Dance. Western Dance Partner Western Partner Dance. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading... Close. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Partner Service Delivery Partner Innovation Day, Galway 2014 by SAP PartnerEdge. 5:39. Q2C – Liberação da ordem (PT) by SAP PartnerEdge. 2:07.